cards, games, didactic materials

Are you looking to purchase albums, tablets, social stories, schedules, or cards with delivery in Ukraine? We are ready to offer various materials for alternative communication and visual support for special children.

On our website, you can find
downloadable materials and order products for children with autism, cerebral palsy, and other conditions accompanied by a disruption in the child’s verbal communication with others.

  • cards,
  • cards for schedules, social stories,
  • games and didactic pictures for activities,
  • albums and pouches for postcards,
  • tablets and schedules.

Планшет для занятий Нужно сделать - сделаноcards will help develop language or allow non-verbal children to communicate with others, visual graphics - structure the day and make the child or teenager more independent, social stories in pictures - explain social relationships and rules of behavior in society.